Little Rogue

So everyone knows that I'm a green tea/matcha freak and I got recommended this quaint little cafe just earlier this week. I absolutely love it. The cafe is in a lane way quite close to Melbourne Central. It is super small so take-out might actually be a better option, or you could just go really early. I waited about 6 minutes to get a table which is not bad at all but I did got rather late in the day. It's mainly full because lots of people are just sitting there chatting over their drinks.

We ordered a matcha latte and an iced matcha latte. The iced latte isn't on the menu but if you ask them they can still make it. The staff were super nice by the way! The iced latte could have had a stronger matcha taste since it was iced down a little bit but I still really liked it. I find that it's really hard to find a very good iced green tea latte compared to hot lattes. Just me?

The Atlantic

Stumbled across Crown Casino's $50 weekday lunch promotion ($60 for 3 course) and decided to pay The Atlantic a visit. The food and service was absolutely stunning with only one complaint. Hygiene. 

Hakata Gensuke Hawthorn

Well my New Years resolution was totally trashed since I haven't posted in a few weeks. I've been on placement up at rural areas and the accommodation provided didn't have internet connection. I did come home on the weekends but i was so tired and just wanted to send some quality time with family and of course ensuring I bought a few movies up for the rest of the week.

Australia Day was ages ago I got a day of university so instead of throwing a few sausages on the BBQ I went to have ramen. I know right? How patriotic of me.

So I stumbled upon the 50% promotion at Hakata Gensuke's new Hawthorn branch. The shop is on Glenferrie road and basically right next to my high school. We queued for around 1 hour before we got seats.

We got a Signature Tonkotsu, Aka Tonkotsu as well as a chicken karage. The pricing is a bit more dear than that of Ajisen ramen but I would have to say the quality is better. Especially the soup base and noodles. Ajisen has more meat and sides in their ramen though.  

3CE Lip Marker

Lip tints. Lip Tints. LIP TINTS! I am all about lip tints right now! Why? Because they are long lasting and don't dry out my lips!

Right now I have 3 holy gain lip stains that I cannot live without. The 3CE Lip marker takes up 2 of those spots (the other one is deep red from Innisfree). I bought these from the 3CE store in Hong Kong and have loved them ever since!

How pretty is this packaging? It reminds me of Nars packaging with the matte black base and then simple writing on the top. Not to mention I am a sucker for minimalistic things!

This is what the tip looks like. Yes, a white board marker! It's so easy to use because it's exactly the same as drawing, but on your lips! You can easily get fine lines by using the tip and then fill your lips in quickly by placing the marker on it's side. 

New Shanghai

A while after christmas I ventured upon New Shanghai at Melbourne Emporium. The queue for this place was quite long compared to everywhere else but I felt like eating something Chinese that day. 

We ordered a Drunken Chicken as entree. I quite liked this dish! My friend thought the alcohol flavour wasn't marinated enough compared to some other places she's eaten at but it wasn't bad.

We also got a chilli wonton because this is one of my favourite dishes of all time! I was actually a bit disappointed with this one. Instead of chilli wonton it was more like sesame sauce dumplings...First of all it wasn't a wonton at all. Secondly, it wasn't chilli. The sauce consisted of sesame sauce and some sweet vinegar with approximately 1 tsp of chilli oil that was just sprinkled on top. The sauce worked well with each other, but this is definitely not chilli wonton!

Paradai Thai 2

For those who follow me on Twitter you'll know that I went and had my very first proper Thai food a few weeks ago. Now I've had Pad Thai a few times but they were always at fast food places so this is my very first time eating a proper Thai restaurant meal. It was so good. We went with a family friend and they had been there a few times since this place is really close to their home.

Rice. Obviously, I can't survive without my rice so here it is un a super cute bowl..? Is this called a bowl or does it have a proper name? Anyway I really want one for home now since it's so pretty! I'll put my ramen in it..!

Nars Isolde Eyeshadow Duo

I bought this shadow from Mecca a while back (more like last year) for my university ball. I was going for a bronze-gold theme and this was absolutely perfect!

As usual, the Nars packaging is minimal and sleek.